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Key person insurance is essentially about protecting your company from the financial problems incurred from losing an important employee through death or critical illness. The insurance is taken out on a person within the company. The company owns the policy and pays for the policy, but the life assured is the key person. Any company that relies heavily on the people within the business should probably have some kind of keyman insurance in place. Maybe the person is a sales manager or director. Maybe he or she is the person with all the contacts or the IT specialist running your website. How would your company survive without that person? What if they died tomorrow? Would your business still run if that employee was no longer there? If you have a top worker who would be seriously missed within your company then they should be insured. Key person cover can be taken out with a lump sum benefit paid on death or critical illness, or as an income protection which will pay out a monthly income to the company in the event of illness or injury. You can read more about key man insurance or check out our FAQ here.          
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Far too many companies throughout the UK do not have any kind of business protection in place and its a major reason for many UK companies going out of business. Companies leave themselves totally open if something happens to one of their most important workers. Many companies that go bankrupt or cease trading are down to losing an important person within the company either through death or critical illness. Although a company can have lots of people employed sometimes there are just those people who are more valuable than others. Employers are always quick to insure all their important equipment, machinery or company cars for example. But forget to insure the main cogs within the wheel, the people. With any kind of  business protection the company pays the premiums on monthly or annual bases from the company bank account. The premiums are tax deductible as they are seen as a business cost. Any claim or benefit paid out as a result of a claim is also paid to the company. Key man insurance tax treatment varies a lot between different companies and we would always suggest you speak to a tax expert before taking out a policy. So Why risk it? protect your business today and get a quote for from the UK accredited experts in business protection. You can speak to one of our qualified advisors or fill in your details in quote form. If you would like to read more on business protection and the latest news make sure you check out our blog.

Information regards to taxation levels and basis of reliefs are dependent on current legislation. Individual circumstances are not guaranteed and may be subject to change. The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate trusts.


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