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Staying Healthy and Enjoying Life More With Pru Protect VitalityVitality Logo

You may have seen the adverts on TV or at football games, but if you haven’t heard of the Pru Protect Vitality offering you will soon. We decided to take a deeper look at what it is and what’s on offer and were very impressed with what we think is the future of protection. A combination of wellbeing and protection which benefits you in so many ways.

If you’re meaning to change your lifestyle and start living healthy, then you could benefit immensely from joining the Pru Protect Vitality programme. Its a health plan which not only helps you learn how stay healthy but be rewarded for it as well. With great discounts on cinema tickets, Spa breaks, premium discounts, cashbacks and other financial incentives to keep you motivated. You can make a change in your life and start enjoying things for less as well.

What is it?

Pru Protect Vitality is a new insurance and wellness programme that will teach you what to do to stay healthy and reward you for doing the right things. You will understand how to monitor your health and improve it, thanks to the effort of academicians and scientists that have put into designing this program.

The program introduces a new system that motivates people to make healthy habits and get rid of harmful ones while being rewarded in return. With half price health screenings and other incentives, you will be able to ameliorate any health deficiencies and stay healthy. With Pru Protect, you will get to stay healthy and save money at the same time.

How does it work?

Pru Protect Vitality will help you understand how to live in terms of a healthy life and be offered points for the good things you do. While you learn how to live healthier, you also help reduce your protection premiums at the same time. You will benefit from discounts and wellness programs that will allow you to improve your health even more and stay healthier for longer.

Health screening, stop-smoking sessions and weight watcher discounts are just some of the steps to a new healthy and fulfilling life. Along with discounts on travel tickets, cinemas and other facilities that will help you relax and enjoy life as well.

Once you have signed up with a Pru Protect life insurance or health insurance you will also join the Vitality programme. Once you receive all your documentation you will be able to log on to the online system where you can input your information and track your progress. This is all recorded and you will see your rewards as you go. The better you do the cheaper your premiums will be, but more importantly, the healthier you will become. Thanks to the Premium Saver option, you will be able to transform your efforts into significant savings over the course of 5 years and the healthier you get, the more you can save.

Benefit from Partner rewards

PartnersPru Protect Vitality also boasts discounts with its many partners associated with the program. With the Partner Rewards, you will get discounts on health screenings and health monitoring equipment as well as visits to Champneys and trips to properties of the National Trust. Once you upgrade to the Vitality Plus option, you will get more rewards such as benefiting from amazing 50% discounts at gyms and fitness clubs.

You will be able to shape up your body and improve your strength while staying healthy, and all that at half the normal price. With Partner Rewards, things get even better, as you will also benefit from discounts on things that will help you relax, such as cruises, holiday trips, visits to the cinema or even on concert tickets with 20% off Ticketmaster. The more you get engaged in the Vitality program, the better the rewards get.

Engage in sport events and other healthy activities

Pru Protect Vitality also sponsors countless sporting events throughout the country. You will get to participate and meet other people who want to get healthier at popular events such as the Pru Health World Triathlon and Vitality Run Series. Getting in shape will not be easier with peers as enthusiastic as you about changing their lifestyles.


If you want to learn about ways to improve your health and have the tools to do so, then Vitality will provide you with everything you will ever need. Along with a Pru Health insurance policy You will benefit from the best medical care while also being able to monitor your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You could get healthier than ever, relax on trips and get in the maximum shape possible while also saving money on your premiums.

The Vitality Programme stands on its own within the protection and health insurance market and its definitely an impressive add on to what is already a great health insurance or life insurance product. We have been really impressed with the amount of benefits you can get through engaging with the Vitality Programme and it’s difficult to argue against becoming more healthy. Feel free to give us a call or email if you would like further information on Vitality.

We use a range of insurance providers and their products could be more suitable for your company. These articles are for information only and does not constitute as financial advice in any way.

Quick Look at Simply Health

Simply Health

As the Simply Health website logo, “we can be bothered” suggests, the company believes in helping people to access affordable healthcare and strives to accompany medical services with customer service of exceptional quality.

Simply Health LogoThey have over three million customers and their insurance plan also includes services provided by Denplan, known as the largest dental care provider in the United Kingdom, a welcome addition for two million people who need dental treatment and care.

The company has over 140 years of history in the healthcare department, adjusting to changes and demand, and often investing their profits into improving the services they offer or supporting worthy causes.

Simply Health Insurance Plans

  • Simply Cash Plan – It helps you establish a budget that includes visits to the dentist, physiotherapist, optician and other healthcare professionals. The company will give you cash back for treatment or emergencies, up to an annual limit. You can choose from four coverage levels. This plan refers to UK residents aged between 18 and 69.
  • Simply Cash Plan 70 Plus – It refers to people aged 70 or over and is designed to cover everyday health costs, no matter if the beneficiary is retired or is still working. You receive cash back for visiting the optician, dentist or chiropodist, but also for other things, such as hearing aids. There is no upper age limit, which is an advantage compared to other health plans.
  • Simply Dental Plan – Simply Health takes care about your dental health, which might be considerably expensive. They help you get dental insurance for unexpected situations and manage the costs of routine appointments.
  • Simply Personal Health – It is a private medical insurance plan that allows you to add more features to your basic coverage, letting you choose from a couple of additional health cover options which range from heart disease treatment to MRI, CT scans and cancer treatments.

The Benefits of the Simply Health Insurance Plans

The company is the biggest cash plan provider in the UK and an important player in the mobility and health insurance markets. They strive to be quick and efficient, and show accessibility and commitment to each customer. As a beneficiary of one of their health insurance plans, you get:

  • A personal contact assigned to help you file your claims and follow their processing – the good news is that there is no claim form to fill in and the formalities take little time.
  • Assistance from live operators, so you do not go crazy taking to automatic answering machines or waiting forever for someone to take your call.
  • Calls from UK landlines are free of charge.
  • Many of the over 16,000 cash and dental plan claims can be paid directly into your bank account within only a few working days from the receipt of the papers.
  • You can register for a secured online account, where you can check your claims and also find copies of the policy documents.

Reviews Summary

UK residents are more than happy with their Insurance policies, 80% of them assuring that they would gladly recommend the company to their friends and family, praising the customer service, the complexity of the insurance plans and the quality of the medical services these grant access to.

You can easily become one of the thousands of satisfied customers by choosing the Simply Health insurance plan that meets your needs and budget – what are you waiting for?

We use a range of insurance providers and their products could be more suitable for your company. These articles are for information only and does not constitute as financial advice in any way.

Pru Health Plans

Pru Health pruhealthvitalityWhen you get ill, you need the best medical care and access to the latest treatments and drugs, and all these are made available to everyone through the PruHealth insurance plans. Pru Health made their way on the UK health insurance market in 2004, backed by Discovery Holdings and Prudential PLC. Their excellent reputation and innovative solutions allowed them to offer some of the best health care insurance services in the UK. Their innovative approach brought them several important awards, like the Money Facts Consumer ‘Health Insurance Provider of the Year’ Award in 2014, the “Best Individual PMI Provider” and the “Most Innovative New Product” Health Insurance Awards in 2012 and, respectively, 2011. PruHealth – From Vitality to Core Cover Vitality is the healthy living programme that rewards you for living a healthy lifestyle. The incentives represent tickets to sporting events, concerts, West End shows, cinema tickets, but also financial rewards for family holidays or weekends. As for the health insurance packages, the basic package, Core Cover, includes Day-patient and In-patient cover, allowing the insured to benefit, if the need arises, from:

  • Hospital care, diagnostics and specialist consultations;
  • CT, MRI and PET scans;
  • Cash benefit from NHS hospital;
  • Full cancer cover;
  • Pregnancy complications and childbirth cash benefit;
  • Home nursing;
  • Oral surgery;
  • Parent accommodation;
  • Private ambulance.

The Core Cover insurance plan can be improved upon request to include extra features, such as:

  • Out-patient cover;
  • Psychiatric cover;
  • Therapies cover;
  • Dental cover;
  • Core cancer cover;
  • Private general practitioner helpline;
  • Worldwide travel cover.

Benefits of the Pru Health Insurance Plan

  • Flexibility – The basic package is perfect for individuals or families with a low budget, it can be customized in such a way as to meet the needs of even the most picky clients and will include treatment in high-end facilities, with the latest technology, access to new and otherwise expensive drugs and rehabilitation therapy after both physical injuries and psychological problems.
  • Excellent health care services – there is a comprehensive list of local, national and even international hospitals, depending on the type of treatment you need.  All the hospitals under contract with PruHealth offer first-class services in well equipped, comfortable facilities. If the insured decides to seek treatment in a hospital not included on the company’s list, he or she only pays 40% of the treatment costs, with specialists’ fees not included.
  • Commitment to client satisfaction – In the event one needs a certain type of treatment that is not provided in the facilities under contract with the company, calling the client service department will solve the problem, as the clients service representatives will either guide you towards a facility they already work with or find a way to cover for the treatment in the facility you have chosen.

Reviews Summary According to the reviews available, the company should be called “TrueHealth”, as the services they provide are of a real help to their beneficiaries. Promptness, reliability, flexibility and commitment to your satisfaction – that is what people say you will find if you get your health insurance from this company. Contact us to find out the costs of a Pru Health plan.

We use a range of insurance providers and their products could be more suitable for your company. These articles are for information only and does not constitute as financial advice in any way.

Death In Service & Group Life Insurance

Death In ServiceDeath in Service (DiS) insurance is one of the better types of employee benefits that someone in UK and other Commonwealth countries can secure for themselves. This type of life assurance is oftentimes offered referred to as group life insurance and can be taken out along with pensions, bonuses and other such financial benefits by the majority of UK companies. It works as follows: should the insured person die during the time in which he is employed at a company who provided him with said Death in Service insurance, their employer pays out a lump sum of money to a previously designated beneficiary (usually a family member).

The sum paid for this kind of life insurance typically varies between 3 and 5 times the employee’s annual salary. Around 6 to 7% of firms have a Death in Service insurance scheme of as much as 7 times the yearly salary, and in some very rare cases this can go all the way up to 14 times the employee’s annual salary. Even for a mid-level manager, that can come close to a million pounds – an incredibly generous offer. Even if the sum paid equals 4-5 years’ worth of salaries, it’s still £200,000 on average. And all of that money is entirely tax-free.

Having the security of a quarter million pounds, tax-free, in case of death, can lift the weight off a man’s shoulders, but that sum varies a lot depending on the sector or industry you work in. Those employed in the financial sector have the most advantageous Death in Service insurance policies, with 4.6 times their annual salary on average. Next in line are those working in IT, followed by highly skilled manufacturers, both with 4.4 times their salaries. Those employed in charities come next, with sales, distribution, and retailing being lower on the list, with between 3 and 3.5 times their yearly salary on average.

This is of course in line with all other types of benefits employees generally get. Bonuses and pensions are much higher in the financial sector then they are in retailing, and so, this type of life insurance is also at a higher level. Death in Service is usually tied to either the pension plan, or as a separate insurance plan made by the corporation for this specific purpose, and is a full-fledged employee benefit – you don’t have to pay a monthly premium for it; your employer takes care of all the payments.

This, however, means that you do not have as much freedom with where and when the money will be paid out as you would with typical life insurance. Whereas life insurance can sometimes be claimed in case of critical or terminal illness, DiS cannot. Also, the lump sum is sometimes paid to a different person than you originally nominated, since this is decided by the trust who manages the insurance. This does not, however, mean that your Death in Service insurance will go to a stranger- just that it could potentially be paid out to your wife instead of your child, for example.

We offer a wide range of options for death in service so please give us a call or feel free to fill in your details to get a death in service or group health insurance quote.

A Quick BUPA Overview

Bupa Health Insurance

BUPA LogoBupa Health Insurance is a name people around the world have become familiar with, one of the pillars of the health insurance market, providing services that, throughout time have become synonyms with flexibility, variety, promptness and efficiency.

The company was founded in 1947, in the United Kingdom, which means they have close to seven decades of experience in the field. The declared mission of the company ever since it was founded, was to help prevent, relieve and cure diseases, to contribute to a better health of the people they serve and to the development of the UK healthcare system. They must be doing a great job, judging by the number of people insured, around 2.7 million in December 2012.

Their Offer

The company decided to keep things simple and meet all of their clients’ needs at the same time. Thus, they have only one insurance company, with two types of coverage – Treatment and Care and Comprehensive. While both options cover for diagnosis and treatment, for the former, the diagnosis is through NHS, while the latter covers not only for consultations, but also for CT, MRI and PET scans, and for diagnostics tests.

Both options can be adjusted to meet your needs and include cancer benefits, excess and even unlimited cover.

Benefits of Choosing Bupa Health Insurance

  • Flexible and affordable coverage – They offer company, personal and family insurance packages at very affordable prices, granting everyone access to high standard medical care and treatment. They cover for tests, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare – including acute illness and recovery treatments in specialized facilities, allowing you to choose whether you want to be treated in a private institution or through NHS.
  • Considerable resourcesThey have approximately 300 care homes, they work with the NHS, providing access to specialized healthcare services not just in hospitals, but also in peoples’ homes, they offer health services going from physiotherapy to cosmetic treatments in 56 centres around the country, dental services, hospitalization in their 128-bed hospital in Cromwell, served by more than 400 consultants benefitting from last hour technology and equipment.
  • Excellent support – No matter if you want to receive information about the Bupa health insurance plan, make changes to it or check your medical records, you will get immediate assistance and accurate answers. Bupa support is very efficient, and the company works closely with the authorities in order to keep medical records up to date and as accurate as possible.


When it comes to choosing services, especially in a field as important as healthcare, finding positive reviews gives you confidence and peace of mind. Well, you will get plenty of that if you choose Bupa as your insurance provider because they have thousands of positive reviews. Clients all over the country praise their insurance plan, their efficient coverage and the high quality of the health care services they provide access to.

With a well chosen Bupa health insurance plan, you can forget all about details like diagnostics, treatment and after care recovery – you will benefit from any type of health care you need, when you need it, and at the highest quality standards available.

We use a range of insurance providers and their products could be more suitable for your company. These articles are for information only and does not constitute as financial advice in any way.

Axa PPP Health Insurance

A quick round up of the Axa PPP Health Insurance offering.

Axa PPP International has more than 40 years of experience providing reliable cover to several millions of people in over 80 countries around the world.

Features of the Axa PPP Health Insurance Plan

As the beneficiary of a health insurance policy from Axa PPP International, you get the following:

  • Personal case management – You receive all the help and support you need in finding and benefiting from the best treatment available for your condition from an Axa PPP Healthcareindependent Medix expert designated to review your case.
  • 24 hour support helpline – You can always call Axa PPP’s information helpline, “Health at Hand”, and get assistance from qualified counsellors and nurses, answers to your medical questions and advice on the steps to take in order to receive the treatment you need. The service is available 24/7.
  • Emergency assistance – As the beneficiary of an Axa PPP health insurance policy, you will receive immediate assistance in crisis situations, like repatriation or evacuation, in case you cannot get adequate treatment locally.
  • Online support – As an Axa client, you gain immediate access to the company’s website and especially to the “Customer Online” program that allows you to search for a healthcare provider, make claims and track them, or download documents related to your insurance policy.
  • Security Hotline – Being on a foreign territory or being worried at the thought of traveling to new countries is normal, but may become less troublesome if you access the multi-lingual Security Hotline, available to you 24 hours a day.
  • Quality Health Care Services – The company works with numerous hospitals, clinics and treatment centers around the country and even abroad, offering its clients all the facilities they need in order to benefit from the best treatment and recover their health as soon as possible.

Axa PPP Health Insurance Benefits

The flexible, reliable and affordable healthcare plans allow you to benefit from medical services regardless of where you are in this world. Someone is always available for you, no matter if you have an emergency or you just want information or advice on a certain subject. You can expect to receive quick and convenient access to treatment, no matter where you are, considering that Axa PPP International works with more than 10,500 health providers. It will be just a matter of choosing to get quick access to tests, diagnosis and treatment much easier.

We use a range of insurance providers and their products could be more suitable for your company. These articles

Aviva Health Insurance

Aviva Health Insurance

With Aviva health insurance has long been an well know brand for individuals families and companies in the UK. The multinational insurance company headquartered in London is the sixth largest in the world, with 43 million customers from 21 countries from continental Europe, Asia and North America. They have a fantastic name and a good solid service. We looked at the current offering and pulled out some of the key points of interest.

The Aviva Health Insurance Plan

  • Nurse on Call – You can talk to a nurse when you have a mild problem that does not require emergency treatment or hospitalization. This service is available 24/7.
  • Cancer Prevention – Aviva is the first health insurance company to cover vaccination against cervical cancer. You can easily make an appointment and get the vaccine in one of the Point of Care centres.
  • Back up – We all know that back and neck pains seriously affect our lifestyle and wellbeing. The beneficiaries of the Aviva health insurance plans can get advice from specialists, and, thus, prevent or considerably relieve neck and back pain in their early stages. This is an exclusive service for the Aviva clients, allowing them to obtain valuable information that will help them improve their wellbeing and lifestyle.
  • Health Screening – Aviva is one of the few insurance companies that pay great attention to screening and prevention, allowing you to monitor your health and prevent problems or treat them as soon as they appear, in order to prevent them from aggravating.
  • Dental Cover – No matter what insurance plan you choose, you still have access to dental care services in any Smiles Clinic, which adds significant value to your insurance policy. Orthodontic benefits are included as well.
  • Bump to Baby – Women receive useful information and expert guidance during pregnancy, finding it easier to prepare for each stage, the birth in itself and even the post birth period.
  • Eye Health – Your sight is important, and Aviva helps you protect it and improve it, when necessary, their insurance plans covering anything, discounted eye tests, glasses and contact lenses to specialized treatment and even laser surgery.
  • Fitsquad – With an Aviva health insurance, you get 20% discount for your first session of training with Fitsquad, an outdoor fitness programme dedicated to groups of men and women. It may not seem like much at first sight, but participants describe this programme as the boost of motivation they needed in order to exercise and stay in shape, as well as an excellent opportunity to socialize and have fun.


The health insurance plan offered by this company is complex, flexible and carefully considered. It covers not only the basic health care services one may need, but also a multitude of helpful, preventive beneficial services that can save one’s life or at least improve its quality. Innovation, efficiency and care are the three terms that best describe the Aviva Health Insurance Plan.

Customer Reviews

You get everything you need, when you need it, and at a good price too.  They have a great name within the market with thousands of people who use them already. Their customer reviews are abound with gratitude and appreciation, and one look at the company’s offer is enough for anyone to understand why.

If you have not yet got a quote for your Aviva health insurance, now is a good time to call us and see what they have to offer. Feel free to get a quote or call and speak to one of our advisors for more information.

We use a range of insurance providers and their products could be more suitable for your company. These articles are for information only and does not constitute as financial advice in any way.

Possible Risks Within Your Company

Anyone from a director to a sole trader should be looking at the business risks of not having the correct insurance.  It may be a case where the company does not fully understand the risks involved with not having cover. People are always looking to take out insurance when setting up a business and more often than not they look at indemnity and liability insurance first, then look at insuring their varies office equipment. It is just not in human nature to look at the fact that they or their co-workers may die or become ill and not be able to work anymore. But what is a key person and do you have them working within your company?Skilled Workers

Various positions that may require insurance

  • IT Manager – How important is your IT manager? If your company is heavily reliant on IT then think about the potential problems that would arise if your IT manager was to become ill or die?
  • Top Sales Person – Many UK companies are heavily reliant on their sales team for the income. It’s often the case that some are better than others. The skills required to be a good sales person are extremely varied and it often comes down to personality as well as knowhow and customer relations. What would happen to your company if you lost your top sales executive? Can your company afford to run if that person was to die or become ill?
  • Director – Ltd companies always have at least one director. Some directors may be more important than others but more often than not there is always a director within the company that is invaluable. Directors are often the brains of the company or the person with all the contacts.
  • Manager – Although directors are obviously important we often find that the day to day running of the business is carried out by a manager of some kind. These are the people that know the company inside out. If you have a key manager within your company these people must be insured. Directors may know some parts of the company but do not necessarily know how the day to day jobs are done.
  • Webmaster – More and more companies today are reliant on website traffic and enquiries for their business. In fact some companies are 100% reliant on the internet for their business. A high percentage of our clients are online start-ups or successful established online sites. These companies will always have a webmaster or website designer who is absolutely key to keeping the site running. It maybe that you have an in house search engine optimization expert who keeps your company at the top of the rankings. The knowledge these people have is extremely valuable and sometimes irreplaceable. These people must be insured.
  • Celebrity or a “face” of the company – Companies are often run off the back of a celebrity name or the brand name of a company. We set up lots of policies for companies run under the name of the main person. These people are obvious candidates for insurance.
  • Skilled Workers – Do you have skilled workers within your company. You may run a design business of some kind or maybe a small manual factory which requires highly skilled and experienced people. Manual workers are possible more susceptible to injury and of course illness can stop someone carrying out manual duties quite quickly.
  • Doctors, Scientists – These occupations require years of training and experience. You may run a company which deals in health or pharmaceutical industries. It’s extremely difficult to find these types of people and it may require huge sums of money to replace them.

The UK Government is pushing for more lending to small and medium size businesses and are also pushing start-up companies and are trying to make it more easier to start a business with business loans and other options of finance.  However, all of this is promising for small to medium businesses but they all require Keyman insurance.  The Government and the banks acknowledge the importance of the cover and most lenders make it a condition of the loan to take out a suitable key person insurance policy.

It protects the lender against losing their money due to the key person dying or not being able to work.  If they can sufficiently cover this risk; then they are more likely to lend and therefore help the overall market conditions.  If you think you may need key man insurance, the likely hood is you do.  We strongly recommend you contact an independent key person insurance specialist who would be able to guide you through the maze that is business insurance and find you the most suitable product at the best price.  To ensure you obtain the best price, you should make sure the adviser you are using is whole of market and isn’t tied to any particular provider.


Keyman Insurance – How we are winning the race..

We are always striving to be the very best provider of key man insurance.   We believe we are not only winning it, but we are coming up to lap our opponents.  These are the main areas we look to always improve, they are not in order of importance:

  1. Quality of Advicewinning the race
  2. Transparency and ensuring the client understand the advice given clearly
  3. Most competitively priced in the UK
  4. Best customer support/service
  5. Best after sales care
  6. Best website and usability

1. Quality of Advice

Being regulated by the FCA means we have to continually update our knowledge bank and training profile.  It comes under the FCA rules towards “Treating Customers Fairly” (TCF from now on).  TCF is aimed at ensuring the client is getting the best advice from an adviser who is upto date with the market and in touch with the latest products available.  We have to demonstrate all training carried out and have a minimum requirement.  We are constantly learning and evolving and regularly work with the providers to ensure the products are going in the right direction.

Lately we have been caked upon by Bright Grey to write articles about Key man insurance, we are also in regular cahoots with Pru Protect helping them evolve their product to suit the market.  This we know is more involved than any other Keyman adviser in the UK and we believe makes us at leader on quality of advice for key man insurance.

2. Transparency and ensuring the client understand the advice given clearly

This point kind of goes hand in hand with the above.  There can be a lot of red tape and confusion with policies.  We ensure we give very clear and precise advise which cuts to the point and gives the client the advise and information they need with out over confusing it.  Do not mistake this for cutting corners!  We supply all documentation and letters backing up everything we advise, but also understand that clients need help trawling through the paperwork.

3. Most competitively priced in the UK

We are an appointed representative of Personal Touch Financial Services (PTFS from now on) .  PTFS are one of the largest, if not the largest network of financial adviser in the UK.  This gives them huge strength when negotiating rates.  We have chosen to go down the route of whole of market advisers which means we do not received the heightened commission levels, but it does mean we have access to the best prices.  So we have two starting points 1. PTFS large network and 2. Whole of Market that give us a great start in being the most competitively priced.  We are quite flexible with the sacrifice of commission, and if we need to win business we have no limits or guidelines on how much we can sacrifice.  Sacrificing commission basically reduces our commission, but reflects by reducing the clients premium.  We constantly monitor our prices to ensure we are the cheapest for a like for like product.

4. Best customer support/service

Our phone lines forward on to our personal mobiles when we are not in the office.  Our moto is, if it’s important enough for you to want to call us, its important enough for us to answer and help.  Regardless of the question!  We are always on hand and try to answer any problems in a very prompt time frame, often dealing with queries immediately.  Leaving problems and queries to build up simply slow down our sales end and therefore its beneficial to us, and obviously the client, to deal with any problems straight away and move on.

5. Best after sales care

Once a client is signed up and the policy started, we schedule call backs with in the first month to ensure the client is happy with everything done for them.  We also subscribe to the largest UK review website “TrustPilot”.  This is a scheme that we have no control over and is dealt with on a direct basis between Trustpilot and the client.  We ask for a rating from 1 – 5 and a brief comment on your experience.  So far we are at 8.9 out of 10 and arte working hard to get this over 9.  We have had no negative reviews and although we are not on 10 out of 10, the couple that were 8 out of 10 still spoke very highly of us and said they would recommend us.  Why 8 out of 10 then, not sure, we asked the same thing.  But as I say we have no control so we can only do our best.


6. Best website and usability

Our website seems to be constantly changing and upgrading.  In the last 3 months we have added 6 new helpful calculators for our clients, plus we have added info graphics and a FAQ section.  This is more than most of our competitors have done in the last 5 years, let alone the last 3 months.  It was only 6 months ago our entire site was revamped to make it more user friendly and with the addition of the mobile version of the website.  It helps that the owner of the company is a web site designer, but again means we are always leading the way and we know other websites follow our lead with their sites, keeping two steps ahead is always sour goal.


We will continue to grow and have many other improvements, but it would take another hour for me to list them all.  hopefully the above gives a rough idea to what we are doing behind the scenes though.  If you have any comments or feedback on any of the above then we are always happy to hear.

Your Key Man V’s Your Photo Copier

Your Key Person V’s Your Photo Copier

Man V Photocopier

Man V Photocopier

A photo copier can be the hub of the office. Many a time in my working life have I had conversations/business meetings/other around the photocopier? A company which uses a lot of paper will need a photo copier and without one your company will not be able to photo copy anything. What does that mean for your company? Some companies, such as printing companies need a photo copier. Its simply is the key man within the company. But who operates the photo copier? I am joking of course, but in reality most companies do insure their photocopier but do not insure their key person.

What problems can occur when losing a key person within a company due to illness or even death? We have had a few calls and enquiries over the years from companies who have already lost a key person. Their normal reaction has been “thank god we had key man insurance”. Key person insurance of is a cost to any company and depending on age and amounts of cover it can work out quite expensive especially when you add critical illness. But then it’s very difficult to attain the costs to a company of losing a key person. Sometimes companies are 100% built around one man. Maybe he has the main idea and all the know-how. In these companies key man insurance should be extremely high on the list. But unfortunately companies seem to be more interested in insuring their office fax machine rather than the income of the company. Of course insuring a person doesn’t always pop into peoples thoughts. Companies simply do not look at the possibility that their key man might die.

Your employees will die, it’s just a case of when.

When do you plan to die? Well if you are not sure of the answer then I’m sure you don’t know when your employees are going to die either. You can’t plan these types of things. With the photocopier of course you can, and you can get a new one in before it happens. You could of course do this with your key person as well, but people are just not so replaceable. While I am writing this blog, I am also listening to Talk Sport and the headlines are all about Sir Alex Ferguson Retires (Loss of a key person?) I don’t know if he was insured, but here is a fantastic example of a key person. What would Manchester United have achieved without Sir Alex? I’m certain not as much, and with the loss of this key man I hope not so much in the future! #AFC