Axa PPP Health Insurance

Axa PPP Healthcare

A quick round up of the Axa PPP Health Insurance offering.

Axa PPP International has more than 40 years of experience providing reliable cover to several millions of people in over 80 countries around the world.


As the beneficiary of a health insurance policy from Axa PPP International, you get the following:

  • Personal case management – You receive all the help and support you need in finding and benefiting from the best treatment available for your condition from an independent Medix expert designated to review your case.
  • 24 hour support helpline – You can always call Axa PPP’s information helpline, “Health at Hand”, and get assistance from qualified counsellors and nurses, answers to your medical questions and advice on the steps to take in order to receive the treatment you need. The service is available 24/7.
  • Emergency assistance – As the beneficiary of an Axa PPP health insurance policy, you will receive immediate assistance in crisis situations, like repatriation or evacuation, in case you cannot get adequate treatment locally.
  • Online support – As an Axa client, you gain immediate access to the company’s website and especially to the “Customer Online” program that allows you to search for a healthcare provider, make claims and track them, or download documents related to your insurance policy.
  • Security Hotline – Being on a foreign territory or being worried at the thought of traveling to new countries is normal, but may become less troublesome if you access the multi-lingual Security Hotline, available to you 24 hours a day.
  • Quality Health Care Services – The company works with numerous hospitals, clinics and treatment centers around the country and even abroad, offering its clients all the facilities they need in order to benefit from the best treatment and recover their health as soon as possible.


The flexible, reliable and affordable healthcare plans allow you to benefit from medical services regardless of where you are in this world. Someone is always available for you, no matter if you have an emergency or you just want information or advice on a certain subject. You can expect to receive quick and convenient access to treatment, no matter where you are, considering that Axa PPP International works with more than 10,500 health providers. It will be just a matter of choosing to get quick access to tests, diagnosis and treatment much easier.

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