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Key Man Risks - Why Take Them?

Answer the below questions. Is your company successful? Does your company rely on certain people to run it? Would your company struggle to make profits if it lost one or two certain people? If you answered yes to the above questions then you really need...

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Life Insurance Price Rises

Nows The Time To Get Your Key Man Insurance If you are looking to take out any kind of life insurance then you need to act fast. From the 21st of December 2012 the new laws of gender pricing for life insurance come into force...

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Partnership Protection Insurance

Most key man insurance policies we arrange for people are for limited companies. But not all companies are Ltd and therefore we need to know how to cover a key person if the company is a partnership. With a Ltd company the business will actually...

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What Is Key Man Insurance

Key man insurance is a policy companies can take out to cover themselves against the financial losses that can occur when you lose a key worker within the company. This can be through death, critical illness or incapacity. Many companies will overlook this type of business protection or don’t even...

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