Key Man Insurance Calculator

Reason for cover
Amount of cover
Life cover
Critical illness cover
Contribution to profit
Contribution (£) of key person to the gross profit of the business multiplied by years to recovery
contribution (£) of key person to the net profit of the business multiplied by years to recovery
*Total key person cover (excluding loans) should not exceed 2 X average gross profit or 5 X average net profit.
Replacement costs
Agency Fees
Car Lease
Other - relocation, training
Other Costs
eg. SIPP/SSAS Liquidity

Use our key man insurance calculator to work out how much you should cover your key person for.

Our calculator takes into account earnings, pensions and any bonus that person may be on. We also take into account things like gross earnings for the company made by the key person. Along with their income details.

Once we have all this information, we can calculate the rough amount of cover you should be looking to take out.

Our calculator does not take into account any loans or debts that the company may have that would need to be paid off. Please just add these to the total amount.

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