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What is Private Health Insurance

Insuring your car, home, or pets is something you do naturally, but insuring yourself is something you may have neglected.

In the UK, the National Health Service is designed to support everyone through their medical treatment and services, regardless of whether they can pay or not. However, whilst the NHS delivers a valued service, going the extra mile and paying that little bit more for private health insurance offers you three key advantages that the NHS can’t necessarily deliver to you. These are: decreased waiting times, private rooms and better facilities, and a faster diagnosis. As well as this, private health insurance can offer you exclusive access to specific drugs and treatments that are not necessarily available on the NHS. Overall, the aim of private health care is to give you the peace of mind and reassurance that you need, from the initial consultation all the way through to your complimentary aftercare.

The Benefits


In fact, research has shown that healthy employees are 33 days a year more productive than less healthy employees. So, instead of treating the effects of ill health, our unique, award-winning medical insurance promotes the benefits of good health, by rewarding employees for positive lifestyle choices.

  1. Why should I be interested in Private Health for my employees?
  2. Recruitment & Retention - Health insurance is the 2nd most popular employee benefit after a pension.
  3. Productivity - Healthy organisations are six days a year more productive per employee than unhealthy organisations.
  4. Engagement - 3 times as many healthy employees participate in workplace wellness programmes than sick employees.
  5. Sickness Absence - Active employees have a 27% lower absence rate than inactive employees.

How Much Does It Cost

To figure out how much your private health insurance would cost, you’d have to enter details such as your postcode, age and some simple lifestyle and health questions. To give you an idea of the average prices on the market today, we got quotes for a 30-year-old, female, non-smoker, living in the Essex area. The prices given to us ranged from £12.50 to £82.89 per month, with different options that will alter the price slightly. These quotes are significantly lower than the quotes you would receive for high cover options or for family cover. The average premium for private health insurance in the UK is £1349 per year but as stated above, that price can fluctuate depending on your specific needs and policies.

Options To Consider

As with any insurance, you need to research the market thoroughly to find the exact cover that you need. When you select the standard level of health insurance that you require, you will then have the ability to tailor a specific policy that suits your needs. Whilst keeping in mind your budget, another thing to think about is the different options and products that can alter your level of cover. These options include: Hospital lists, Out- patient Cover, Caner Cover, Therapies Cover, Mental Health Cover, Comprehensive Cover and Differing Excess Levels. By choosing the options that are most important to you or taking a more all over cover approach, you can bespoke each policy to your exact needs.

What am I covered for?

All the policies that you could potentially join would cover you for the cost of receiving medical treatment, including surgery and scans, usually when you’re classified as an In-patient or day-patient. If you wanted to be covered for cancer, there is also a policy available to cover you for chemotherapy and radiotherapy and access to a medical professional as and when they’re needed. Every policy gives you the power to build your plans to suit you, meaning you should research and be 100% sure what every policy can offer you.

Of course, there are some things that you will not be covered for. These include: any conditions that you have before you take out your insurance policy. This may be referred to as pre-existing. Other things that you may not be covered for are any treatments for long term conditions you may have, which would mean ongoing visits to the hospital, and also, Accident and Emergency visits.

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