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As the Simply Health website logo, “we can be bothered” suggests, the company believes in helping people to access affordable healthcare and strives to accompany medical services with customer service of exceptional quality.

They have over three million customers and their insurance plan also includes services provided by Denplan, known as the largest dental care provider in the United Kingdom, a welcome addition for two million people who need dental treatment and care.

The company has over 140 years of history in the healthcare department, adjusting to changes and demand, and often investing their profits into improving the services they offer or supporting worthy causes.

Simply Health Insurance Plans

  • Simply Cash Plan – It helps you establish a budget that includes visits to the dentist, physiotherapist, optician and other healthcare professionals. The company will give you cash back for treatment or emergencies, up to an annual limit. You can choose from four coverage levels. This plan refers to UK residents aged between 18 and 69.
  • Simply Cash Plan 70 Plus – It refers to people aged 70 or over and is designed to cover everyday health costs, no matter if the beneficiary is retired or is still working. You receive cash back for visiting the optician, dentist or chiropodist, but also for other things, such as hearing aids. There is no upper age limit, which is an advantage compared to other health plans.
  • Simply Dental Plan – Simply Health takes care about your dental health, which might be considerably expensive. They help you get dental insurance for unexpected situations and manage the costs of routine appointments.
  • Simply Personal Health – It is a private medical insurance plan that allows you to add more features to your basic coverage, letting you choose from a couple of additional health cover options which range from heart disease treatment to MRI, CT scans and cancer treatments.

The Benefits of the Simply Health Insurance Plans

The company is the biggest cash plan provider in the UK and an important player in the mobility and health insurance markets. They strive to be quick and efficient, and show accessibility and commitment to each customer. As a beneficiary of one of their health insurance plans, you get:

  • A personal contact assigned to help you file your claims and follow their processing – the good news is that there is no claim form to fill in and the formalities take little time.
  • Assistance from live operators, so you do not go crazy taking to automatic answering machines or waiting forever for someone to take your call.
  • Calls from UK landlines are free of charge.
  • Many of the over 16,000 cash and dental plan claims can be paid directly into your bank account within only a few working days from the receipt of the papers.
  • You can register for a secured online account, where you can check your claims and also find copies of the policy documents.

Reviews Summary

UK residents are more than happy with their Insurance policies, 80% of them assuring that they would gladly recommend the company to their friends and family, praising the customer service, the complexity of the insurance plans and the quality of the medical services these grant access to.

You can easily become one of the thousands of satisfied customers by choosing the Simply Health insurance plan that meets your needs and budget – what are you waiting for?

We use a range of insurance providers and their products could be more suitable for your company. These articles are for information only and does not constitute as financial advice in any way.

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