Top 5 Business Health Insurance Providers


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Whether you’re running a small business with a handful of employees or are experiencing excellent growth rates and plan to hire another dozen in the near future, it’s vital that you align your business with some of the industry’s top health insurance providers. Although the optimal health insurance plans can change depending on the number of employees you have and also the services you require, the top health insurance providers typically don’t change and there are five go-to companies that you should consider for your health insurance.

In this article, we’ll give you a brief rundown of the five top health insurance providers from a business perspective.


Aviva is one of the most well-known business health insurance names in the United Kingdom and services businesses of all sizes across the nation. Small business coverage is anywhere from 2 to 249 employees and corporate enterprises start at 250 employees. Cover options from Aviva can also provide support for your employee’s family members and Group Income Protection can offer help for employees that are away from work due to long-term injuries and illnesses. Critical illnesses are also covered by the policy and employees are given the option of controlling their own benefits and choosing the level of cover that is best suited for their personal needs. Lastly, their Workplace Wellbeing program helps you improve working conditions while also providing support for employees that are returning to work after an absence from work.

Although Aviva is a great option for businesses of all sizes, they also provide private health insurance for self-employed individuals too in the form of personal cover. Should you decide to grow your business in the future, you’ll still be provided with an excellent level of service and an easy way to scale your corporate health insurance plans with the help of Aviva. So no matter how many employees you currently have or their personal needs, Aviva’s business health insurance options are a fantastic option to consider in order to protect your business.


Vitality places a heavy emphasis on making the workplace a happier and healthier place in order to promote productivity and help you grow your business. Their goal is to provide high-quality healthcare that is accessible yet also rewarding. As soon as an employee is sick, Vitality will make it their goal to ensure that they get treatment as soon as possible by giving them access to a selection of quality independently selected healthcare specialists. In addition, Vitality offers savings on your private health insurance plans as your employees get healthier, providing you with an incentive to care more about the wellbeing of your employees and get into the habit of ensuring that they’re feeling great while at work.

Offering an exceptional level of business health insurance is a great way to ensure that your employees can focus more on their work than the possibility of falling sick. Vitality places a heavy emphasis on healthy businesses being more productive in the long-term and they even offer specialised wellbeing and healthcare services to businesses that are a part of their business health insurance plans. For instance, you and your employees will get access to discounted gym memberships at selected gyms, video consultations, wellness coaching and even workshops to help educate your employees about how to improve their wellbeing. In short, Vitality is a comprehensive corporate health insurance that offers a wide range of different services and should definitely be considered for your company.


Bupa is another popular private health insurance option for small businesses. With a focus on reassurance so that you can look after the team that helps to manage your company, Bupa’s business health insurance provides a wide range of different healthcare options that can suit a variety of budgets and demands. Bupa is a corporate health insurance provider with excellent links, providing you with access to around 600 different hospitals across the country. Included with Bupa’s business health insurance plan is cancer cover as standard, outpatient consultations and treatments and a 24/7 Bupa Anytime Healthline. Facility charges for eligible treatments are also paid in full when carried out at a Bupa-recognised facility, and it even offers unlimited GP appointments through the Babylon Digital Healthcare app.

Bupa’s private health insurance offers three different levels of service. These three levels are available to all companies whether they’re a small business or a large organisation and are not limited to the number of employees that you have working in your business. Instead, the three levels provide different levels of access to partnership facilities and treatment payment coverage. To help you decide if Bupa’s corporate health insurance is right for you, their website has a full list of the consultants and facilities that are considered Bupa-recognised and covered in their three different coverage plans.


AXA PPP corporate health care focuses on helping your employees keep up their health and wellbeing so that they can be more productive members of your workforce. Regardless if you’re a small business or a large corporation, AXA PPP offers a consistent level of service no matter how many employees you’ve hired. Their wellbeing programmes are designed to encourage employees to be more proactive with their healthy lifestyles so they can be happier and more passionate about taking care of their health, and their health insurance cover provides quick and direct access to professional care. Included with their business health insurance is 24/7 online GP access that offers a flexible treatment option and also mental wellbeing support.

Health surveillance options also help you discover potential workplace risks and the causes of certain problems within your business. No matter what your employees do at work, surveying the workplace and identifying potential issues before they have a chance to injure someone is incredibly important and something that AXA PPP takes very seriously. This information can help ensure that your employees are always safe and have peace of mind knowing that they’re protected and looked after in the workplace. This will help them stay productive to help push your business and grow your brand while also staying healthy and satisfied with their lifestyle.


Freedom Healthcare offers a variety of business health insurance options for self-employed individuals in addition to small, medium and large businesses. For the self-employed, Freedom Healthcare helps to guarantee that you’ve always got access to fast and effective treatment so that you can get back to your work as quickly as possible. Their business health insurance plan will ensure that the amount of time it takes to be seen is drastically reduced and that your recovery period is sped up so you can remain as productive as possible. Their small and medium business plans support up to 250 people and provide a wide range of medical and wellbeing services to your entire workforce. For larger companies above 250 employees, Freedom Healthcare offers bespoke services that can be tailored to your exact needs, meaning you’ll be required to contact them and discuss options that can fit within your budget and are suitable for your employees.

Freedom Healthcare understands just how important it is to offer your employees peace of mind when it comes to their health. Private medical insurance is one of the most highly-ranked employee benefits and they make it easy for you to register for a corporate health insurance plan that can ensure that your employees are taken care of and have peace of mind knowing that they’ll get fast access to medical attention should they need it.