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Relevant Life Insurance Calculator Key man Insurance UK


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Relevant Life Insurance Calculator Key man Insurance UK
Relevant Life Insurance Calculator Key man Insurance UK

Relevant Life Insurance Calculator

Work out how much money you can save with our relevant life insurance calculator. Our calculator will allow you to compare the net cost of a personal life insurance policy against relevant life. Simply add the below details and see how much you can save.

You will need to add a personal life insurance premium into at the top. Make sure the figures for your tax are correct, and then scroll to the bottom.


Ordinary life policy

Employee National Insurance

Employee Income Tax

Employer National Insurance

Corporation Tax relief

Net cost

Gross Dividend needed

Corporation Tax paid

Gross Profit to pay dividend

Relevant life policy

Corporation Tax relief

Net cost

Total saving of


Our Relevant life insurance calculator is an invaluable tool for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their tax savings. Use this calculator to accurately estimate the potential tax benefits of choosing relevant life insurance over regular life insurance. The right life insurance policy offers significant tax benefits, including tax-deductible premiums and tax-free payments to beneficiaries. Our calculator simplifies the process by providing a clear estimate of the potential tax savings you may obtain on eligible life insurance, allowing you to make informed decisions. By taking advantage of these tax benefits, you can protect your loved ones and ensure your financial security while maximizing tax benefits. Don’t miss out on your savings potential, use our suitable life insurance calculator today. 

Make sure to compare relevant life insurance here once you have seen the savings.

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Relevant Life Insurance Calculator Key man Insurance UK

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