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Private Health Insurance

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 As well as being key person insurance specialists we also offer fantastic rates on health insurance. We are whole of market and are therefore able to offer you the widest amount of choice when it comes to private health cover. Please fill in our quote form or give us a call and speak to an advisor for more information.

Private Health Insurance UK – Solutions to Get the Best Possible Medical Care

When it comes to deciding whether the best health insurance strategy to follow is to stay with the NHS or to choose a private health insurance, UK citizens have numerous aspects to consider. The medical services provided by the NHS are cheap and convenient, but private health insurance plans must also be considered if you want to make the best choice.In what follows, we propose to give a short outline of how the two systems work and point out a few of the advantages that private health insurance plans offer.

What is the NHS?

UK’s NHS (National Health Service) is the healthcare system funded by the state. It provides a wide range of services, most of which are entirely free for residents of the UK. The hospitals and other institutions operated by the NHS give treatment for chronic and acute illnesses and for emergencies as well, the services provided covering all kinds of illnesses. However, given the sheer volume of the cases handled and the other challenges that state-funded institutions must face, waiting lists under the NHS can be very long. As there is a permanently growing demand for quick and personalised medical treatment, more and more people consider choosing a private health insurance policy as a way to have access to professional medical care in a more timely fashion.

What Is Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance (also known as Private Medical Insurance or PMI) is a form of policy that gives the insured person access to more efficient medical care than under the NHS. If signing up for private health insurance, UK residents can benefit from medical care that is much more personalized than the services provided by the NHS. Even though, with private health insurance, UK residents might not be covered for all the illnesses and conditions treated by the NHS, these private policies do have several benefits worth taking into consideration.

The Benefits of Private Health Insurance

The medical care that PMI holders benefit from offers invaluable advantages over the state-funded NHS system. Let’s take a look at them.

No waiting lists

We all know how overburdened our National Health Service is. Most people who have been treated under the NHS know how long waiting lists can get – a serious issue if the illness to be treated can aggravate quickly without proper care. One of the major advantages of private health insurance policies is that you don’t have to wait for medical consultation, treatment or tests, especially if you are faced with a short-term condition or a treatable illness.

Peace of mind

With Private Health Insurance, UK residents can have access to 24/7 help lines. Even though the majority of PMI policies do not cover emergencies, the qualified and experienced medical care specialist at the other end of the line can help you evaluate your situation and proceed wisely. Private policies also guarantee that you will be treated by the same consultant. The doctor-patient relationship is always special and sensitive – once you put your trust in a doctor, you don’t want to be treated by another. With Private Health Insurance, UK residents can benefit of treatment by the medical staff of their choice and many insurance providers have specialised medical teams to assist policy holders who suffer from certain conditions like cancer.

Enhanced Comfort

With Private Health Insurance, UK residents can also have a choice when it comes to the hospital they are to be treated in. PMI policies provide treatment in private rooms in public hospitals or in private hospitals, and policy holders may have access to treatment options otherwise unavailable under the NHS. If hospital treatment is necessary, the comfort level of the room will depend on the type of the policy.

Tailor-Made Solutions

One of the major benefits Private Health Insurance UK policy holders can benefit from is that they can put together the plan that suits their requirements and individual medical history the best. You can put together the healthcare insurance that protects you exactly in the areas you need to be protected in, and, with the help of the qualified personnel of the insurer you choose, you can compile the insurance policy that provides you with coverage that fits your budget as well.

With well-structured Private Health Insurance, UK residents can complement the services provided by the NHS in a way that meets all their requirements; if you take your time to see what your priorities really are and you obtain a private health insurance quote from each policy provider to compare the solutions available, you will surely be able to make an educated decision that will provide you with the peace of mind that your health is protected and that you will receive the best possible treatment if need be.


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